About Us

Produced by Rebeca Krones & Luis Zevallos


 Founded in 2006, Tropical Traders launched with a mission to market high-quality, raw honeys made in Hawaii. Co-owned by Rebeca  Krones and Luis Zevallos, Tropical Traders buys honey exclusively from  the Hawaiian Queen Co.,  owned by beekeeper Michael Krones, Rebeca's father. Zevallos and  Krones distribute the Royal Hawaiian Honey brand from the family's farm  in Captain Cook, HI and out of Sebastopol, CA.

Beekeeper michael krones


 Krones is CEO of Hawaiian Queen Co., Inc. A premier honey and queen breeding operation since 1997, Hawaiian Queen Inc. serves the  entire U.S. and Canada with its unparalleled genetic selection and  breeding process.

healthy bees


 Royal  Hawaiian Honeys are the result of a labor-intensive collaboration between our farm crew and our bees. We take good care of our colonies, and they make our livelihood possible. A good beekeeper never forgets this.