“I use honey everyday, and have made it my mission to seek out the best, most flavorful, raw organic honeys I can find. Royal Hawaiian Honey is by far my favorite - in fact, when I moved and wasn't able to buy it locally anymore, I sought out the company and had them ship me a case of my favorite flavor, Christmas Berry. And the customer service is impeccable, too!”

Julie S., Texas


“I love these honeys! I pair them with cheeses at all of my parties and my friends are addicted too. It just feels good to eat honeys that are raw, taste exquisite and are created with love.”

Claudia O.,

San Francisco


“First, it is the most delicious honey I have ever tasted. I am a honey connoisseur--I have tried virtually every brand (that I can find) of organic and raw honey, and Tropical Traders is the best. It is exquisite--creamy, rich, and filled with flavor. It’s like having the magic and warmth of the Hawaiian Islands in your home. Second, it is healthy. Yes, because it is organic and raw, you’ll get a wonderful pesticide-free honey, and all the natural enzymes. It’s also great that it comes in a glass jar. As a personal story, I have severe allergies, and Tropical Traders honey has literally saved my life. There were days that I couldn’t eat anything *but* this honey. I enjoy it straight from the jar, with coffee or tea, on bread, on fruit, in cooking, in any way! It is a versatile and delicious honey, by itself or as a complement.”

Dr. Anne S.

Seattle, Washington

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“Honey is the flower transformed, the landscape distilled…

every variety of honey is redolent of a distinct place.”

-from Honey: From Flower to Table by Stephanie Rosenbaum

Our Single-Origin Honeys

Our line of three distinct tropical honeys is unique because they taste like the environment where they were harvested: the Big Island of Hawaii.

Wine enthusiasts speak of wines that come from distinct geographical locations as having a signature taste. For example, a wine from the Rhone region of France will taste much different than one from Mendoza, Argentina. This is because growing conditions such as soil and climate will contribute to giving a wine a specific personality. The French call this phenomenon terroir. Even more so than wine, honey speaks of terroir, since in its best form it comes to the consumer virtually unchanged from the way it was made in the hive, expressive of the flowers of the land that it came from. There are many distinct varieties of honey, ranging in color and taste from the almost clear-colored and delicate-tasting grapefruit blossom honey, to the dark and pungent buckwheat honey. Each honey variety comes from a distinct place during a certain time of year, when the particular blossom the bee collected it from is in bloom.

Since Hawaii is tropical, something is always in bloom. Our bees collect on average 200 pounds of honey per hive per season in Hawaii, where the most collected per hive in the contiguous 48 states is 60-70 pounds! The Big Island has three distinct bloom periods in its cycle: Macadamia Nut Blossom from January through May, Lehua from June through July, and Christmas Berry from August through October. The honeys which come from these blossoms are all very different.