Happy Earth Day! Royal Hawaiian Honey is Recognized for Sustainability Leadership

Royal Hawaiian Honey Wins Sustainabilty Leadership Award

This just in, just in time for Earth Day! Royal Hawaiian Honey is a recipient of a CoolCalifornia Small Business Award, administered by the California Air Resources Board. The program recognizes small businesses t hat have demonstrated exceptional leadership and taken action to reduce their energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions and made notable, voluntary achievements towards reducing their climate impact.

In 2007, in partnership with Carbonfund.org, we performed a product life-cycle CO2 analysis on our Royal Hawaiian Honey line to determine its carbon footprint. This calculates how much energy is consumed in the production, shipping and distribution of all of the components that go into each container of Royal Hawaiian Honey; including glass jars and plastic tubs, the production and printing of the label, the amount of energy used in bottling the honey, and shipping from the Big Island to markets on the U.S. mainland. Once this figure was determined, the energy used is off-set by investing in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Carbonfund.org describes carbon off-sets thus:

Carbon offsetting is the act of reducing an equal amount of carbon somewhere else to counterbalance the carbon emissions from your energy-using activities (called your “carbon footprint”).

By taking responsibility for our carbon footprint and neutralizing emissions, Royal Hawaiian Honey is working within the food industry to make a difference.

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