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Since we began writing our blog, "Notes from the Hive" all exciting news on bees and beekeeping is now posted there. Please check it out! And do you Facebook? Become our fan for notifications on interesting news and notes.



2/17/10 - "Bee vs. Car: Who Gets More Miles Per Gallon?" (Listen to Bee Humiliate Humans)
National Public Radio

3/23/09 - “An Addition to Michelle Obama's White House Garden: Honey Bees.”

1/22/09 - “Are Some Food Labels a Costly Lie? Olive oil, honey and fish are among culprits with altered ingredients.”
ABC News

12/30/08 - “Honey Laundering: A sticky trail of intrigue and crime.”

“Better Bees: Super Bee and Wild Bee.”
QUEST, A KQED Multimedia Series Exploring Northern California Science, Environment and Nature

“Bees and Pollination: Colony Collapse Disorder.”
Ohio State University’s Colony Collapse Disorder Working Group

2/27/07 - “Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Keepers in Peril.”
New York Times



Robbing the Bees

by Holley Bishop

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by Rudolph Steiner

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